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Apr 22 2013

Look Happy

Y’all have probably already seen it on my Facebook page from this morning, but Sam certainly has the right perspective today. I was putting on makeup this morning – something that rarely happens on a weekday, sadly – and he asked what I was doing. I told him I was putting on my makeup. Sam: […]

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Apr 17 2013


Forgive me if I ramble here; I’m still processing. I’ve purposely stayed quiet (on the blog, anyway) the last couple days because my primary reaction to Monday’s bombings was anger. So many people were almost immediately able to say and see the good things – the first responders running into the chaos when everyone else […]

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Apr 09 2013

KidFish 2013

This weekend, our HOA hosted the 3rd Annual KidFish Event. It’s a free fishing tournament in one of our neighborhood ponds. Kidfish is a nonprofit program designed to give kids 16 and under the chance to experience fishing and outdoors. They provide bait, tackle, and loaner rods to kids who don’t have their own equipment, […]

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Apr 06 2013

Easter 2013

Easter was fun this year. After a horrendous thunderstorm that rained out the first baseball (league) games of the season Friday night/Saturday morning, we had a fabulous weekend. Sam had an Easter egg hunt and Easter parade at school. We decorated the house with one of my favorite flowers, tulips. Granny came over and we […]

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