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Sep 30 2014

On a Scale of 1 to 10, He’s an 11

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Today I need to give a shout-out to our Bear. He’s been a-MAZE-ing in the kid and brother department these days. He’s rocking the school thing – getting up on his own, making his lunch, killing it in the grades department. He comes straight in from class and gets down to the business of homework – […]

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Sep 17 2014

Tuesday Evening Antics

Snippets of conversations I heard from the nursing chair last night at dinner time while Daddy and the boys served their plates: B: We heard the weirdest song on the way home from your baseball game on Sunday, Caleb. It was something about “that bass” J and C in chorus: Because I’m all about that […]

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Sep 13 2014

Sam’s Summer Vacation

Between unpacking a new house, a new baby, and baseball times 2, we didn’t take a family vacation this year. However, Sam got to go on his first solo trip. He hugged Dad’s neck (and Mom’s). Loaded up in Grandpa’s new truck.

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Sep 09 2014

Lessons Learned Living with Boys

Lessons I’ve learned (so far) from living with boys: You will find dirty socks everywhere – computer desk, couch cushions, in the sheets, your front passenger seat (yes, really, and let me tell you how nice that smelled after baking in Texas summer heat) – and they will never, ever be paired or even unrolled […]

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Sep 06 2014

First T-ball Game, Sam Edition

He’s been ready for 4 years. He’s been playing his own pretend games, complete with pretend coaches, teammates, and playoffs for at least a year and a half. He has practically grown up on a baseball field, and today, he got to take the field, finally, for his very own game as a Natural! To […]

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Sep 06 2014

Marching at Cowboys Stadium

Today, the BNHS football game was held at Cowboys Stadium. (Officially it’s AT&T Stadium, but sorry, it will forever be Cowboys Stadium to me. Just like the Rangers’ stadium will forever be the Ballpark – none of this Globe Life nonsense. But I digress). J’s band got to march on the field at Cowboys Stadium. […]

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Sep 05 2014

First Day “Back” at Work

Maternity leave is over. <sad trombone> Today I started back to work (yes, on a Friday), after 12 wonderful (paid!) weeks getting to know the new addition to our family. And while I still didn’t feel fully ready to go back to work – what Mommy does, really? – I wasn’t quite as distraught this time […]

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Sep 04 2014

Fishing with Grandpa

I’ve mentioned that the new house has a pond just at the end of the street, right? Only, like, a bazillion times (more if you happen to be friends with me on Facebook). Guess what? That pond has fish in it. And you know who loves to go fishing? Grandpa. And you know who loves […]

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