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Apr 17 2013


Forgive me if I ramble here; I’m still processing. I’ve purposely stayed quiet (on the blog, anyway) the last couple days because my primary reaction to Monday’s bombings was anger. So many people were almost immediately able to say and see the good things – the first responders running into the chaos when everyone else […]

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Feb 25 2013

2013 Cowtown 10K

I know you’re all sick of hearing me post about it, but I’ve got to get this race report down while it’s still somewhat fresh in my head. Bear with me here, please. I didn’t officially sign up for the Cowtown 10k until the 19th…the race was on the 23rd. Now, I’d been thinking about doing […]

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Sep 12 2012

Kid-Pitch starts anew with Kiddo #2!

Yes, folks, we’ve hit another sports milestone! Caleb starts kid-pitch baseball this (fall) season, and he’s doing great! The Keller 9U Chargers started their fall season last night with a bummer of a loss. BUT, the kids had fun, played well, and my Bear got to come in as a relief pitcher! Daddy said** he […]

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Sep 12 2012

Yellow Bike!

It’s finally here! We’ve had the bike for not quite 24 hours, and I think he’s only been off it long enough to sleep. First, the stills: Favorite quotes: “I park my bike in the office.” “We don’t eat bikes. We ride bikes.” (this morning) “We go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.” “The big truck […]

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Apr 04 2012

Basketball Season Recap

Yes, yes, I know the boys’ basketball seasons have been over since the beginning of March, but I realized I never posted anything here about their seasons – Bad StepMommy. (I did write up this post about the end of J’s season for the Texas Health Resources Momblog – does that get me a little out of […]

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Dec 25 2011

Christmas Cookie Rules

**Disclaimer** I cannot take credit for these rules (thanks for the email, Dad!), though I will vow to follow them religiously. If you eat a Christmas cookie fresh out of the oven, it has no calories because everyone knows that the first cookie is the test and thus calorie free. If you drink a diet […]

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Dec 06 2011


I know I’ve been sort of MIA lately on here, and most of that can be attributed to a very busy “busy season” at work. And rest assured, dear reader(s? maybe?) that I’m getting back to it now that I can find my desk. And I’ve started here, with my latest post on the fabulous Texas […]

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Nov 12 2011

Baby Pushups (or, I wish I was that bendy still)

Y’all remember the post a while back about Sam’s Baby Squashes? Well, tonight I was videoing Sam dancing to Jack’s Big Music show (I promise, videos to follow soon) and of course my memory card filled up. In looking for things to delete off the card, I came across this video from late August. I […]

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Oct 18 2011

Educational Sacrifices

Yesterday morning when I dropped Sam off at school, I noticed a sign on the door asking for candy wrappers (by Wednesday) for a special art project. Now, I bought Halloween candy at the store on Saturday, but threatened everyone (read: Daddy and myself) within an inch of their lives if they got into it […]

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Oct 02 2011

Under the Weather

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It’s just a fact of life that when you have kids, you have colds. Sam and I have been fighting one for more than a week now (combined). For the most part, he’s been a real trouper, never letting his faucet-nose stop him for a minute. Then, this weekend (of course when my symptoms REALLY […]

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