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Apr 27 2011

One Year Ago Today

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One year ago today, I was filled with anticipation, nerves, and excitement (and epidural drugs), ready to meet the baby boy I loved so much, even before I met him. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. Sam, you have changed, and changed my life, so much. I love you more and more each […]

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Apr 26 2011

Musical Ride

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And no, I don’t mean Broadway musical, and I don’t mean Disney musical…I mean BOY musical. Just so that nobody thinks my boys are perfect gentlemen, well-behaved and genteel at all times, I just have to say that our drive home from Passover dinner last week was one of the most “musical” (and stinkiest) yet. […]

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Apr 20 2011

Perfect Pesach

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Passover began at sundown on Monday, so Uncle Mike and Aunt Susan opened their home to all of us as they hosted the first night seder. I’ll admit, I was pretty nervous about it. For any of my readers who don’t know, Pesach, or Passover, is the Jewish holiday and festival that commemorates the Exodus […]

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Apr 19 2011

Lilypad’s Birthday Party

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I know, I know, not an original nickname for Little Miss Lily, but it’s just too cute to not say every once in a while. And no, the party theme wasn’t lilypads or frogs. It was adorable butterflies and catterpillars!

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Apr 17 2011

First Birthdays

This week starts off a week of first birthdays. On Wednesday, Sam’s playmate and classmate, Lily, daughter of our good friends Sara and Erin, turns one on Wednesday. So today, we get to go to her birthday party! It’ll be Sam’s first birthday party, and the stars must have aligned just right, because baseball schedules […]

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Apr 17 2011

Baby Squashes

One of Sam’s latest tricks is to walk over to a toy, squat down, and pick it up. We say he’s doing his “baby squats.” The other day, Caleb witnessed this and asked Sam if he was doing his “baby squashes.” We have now renamed these “exercises”  as baby squashes. 🙂  And yes, Lynne, I […]

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Apr 09 2011

11 Months Old…Entering the Final Countdown

It seems that Sam has a little “theme” going on with his month-birthdays. He turned 10 months the same day Daddy ran the Cowtown half marathon, and he turned 11 months the day Daddy and Mommy ran the Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon. Don’t worry, there are no plans for races on his actual […]

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Apr 05 2011

A Good Day

Today was a GOOD Day. Today was the kind of good day that makes up for a whole bunch of crappy ones all at once. (This is not to say that I’ve had a bunch of crappy days in a row, quite the contrary, actually. But today made up for several crappy days in the […]

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Apr 04 2011

Rock N Roll Dallas Half Marathon Race Report (Warning: It’s LOOOONG)

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Well, remember how nervous I was two days before the race? It turns out, I was worried for nothing! No, wait, stop. That’s entirely untrue. I was worried – terrified was the word I believe I used (more than once) – for very valid reasons. I had slacked off in my training: motivation and time […]

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