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Aug 31 2011

Wordless Wednesday–Pool Fun

Because it’s impossibly hot, and they’re all impossibly precious.

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Aug 30 2011

Happy Birthday, Bryan!

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I’ll try not to get too mushy here, but I can’t promise I won’t. Happy Birthday to the man I love most in this world. Happy Birthday to the father of the other loves of my life, our three wonderful boys. Happy Birthday to the man from whom I’ve learned so much about love, life, […]

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Aug 29 2011

Big Boy

Every day it seems that Sam shows us something new that he’s learned. He’s getting to be a Big Boy so fast–faster than I am ready for. Examples of Sam’s Big Boy status– He willingly gives up the paci when it’s not naptime, bedtime, or other cranky times. He even uses Paci as a bargaining […]

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Aug 28 2011

Stairs and Balls

The game room upstairs is the Land of All Things Lego, the big boys’ domain. Until recently. We’ve been doing some household clean out, and that included the upstairs game room. (Never fear, the Legos are still around, just put away differently.) I’ve mentioned that we’re sort of a sports family, right? Well, no sports […]

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Aug 25 2011

Time Out

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TIME OUT! The two words a toddler most hates to hear. (Okay, okay, the two words a toddler second-most hates to hear – “No!” is probably the word a tot most hates to hear.) Sam knows these words. He’s known Time Out since early July, and experienced Time Out more often than he’d like since then, […]

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Aug 24 2011

Another New Adventure

Oh my, so many ideas for posts are swimming in my head right now. But since it’s late, I’m going to pick a quick one and go with it. I have yet another new adventure beginning. You might have noticed on my “Faves” list a site called (IFF). It’s been a fabulous resource for […]

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Aug 18 2011

More. . . Words

Sam has lately been trying to figure out how to jump. It’s really cute and he thinks it’s the funniest. Game. EVER. On Monday, his big brothers were trying to teach him how, and I actually got it on film. But, um. . . what do you think he says when he falls down? (I […]

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Aug 14 2011

Crayola Artist

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The crayons were a huge hit today! After Sam finished breakfast this morning, I unveiled his new treat. I taped a piece of paper to his high chair tray (so it wouldn’t move around so much – thank you for the tip, random parenting article that I can’t recall anything else about right now) and […]

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Aug 13 2011

Of Swim Diapers and School Supplies

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Today I had to go to Walmart. I needed ONE item that I couldn’t get at my local Kroger.

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Aug 12 2011

Extreme Closeup

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Caleb likes to take pictures. Often he does self portraits. These self portraits are extreme closeups, like the one below. It’s a good thing he’s so cute, right? When I saw this picture, it immediately reminded me of an extreme closeup that Daddy actually took a few years ago, when we took the boys to […]

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