Feb 03 2010


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Like most married, working ladies, I’m sort of a “horse of many colors”–wife; step-mom to two fabulous boys; mommy of another fabulous boy born in April; daughter; sister; friend. I enjoy running (well, when I can carve out the time and it’s not hotter than the face of the sun outside!), the beach, spending as much time with the family as I can soak up, reading, sewing (I’m a true novice), plunking around on the piano (though I’m no musician) and lots of other things that generally allow me to put off things that I don’t want to do, like housework! 

I’m also in an interfaith relationship. I’m Christian, raised United Methodist, and my husband is Jewish. Together we navigate life – raising the kids, living life to its fullest, and, of course, Decembers!

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