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Nov 29 2012

Drama, Drama, Drama

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Oh my, the toddler years are full of drama. We’ve begun drama about clothes, shoes, food, baths, anything that keeps Sam from doing what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. Usually, the fits are short-lived. Take this morning, for example: Sam wakes up, screams for me calls to me from his […]

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Nov 24 2012

A New Cameraman

Sam has been interested in the camera lately. Some of his work will be featured today. Enjoy. Clearly he’s an artistic genius, like his big brother Caleb.

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Nov 21 2012

Funny Things Heard Around My House Lately

Because it’s the last hour of my oddly-scheduled work-week, and I’m not particularly busy, here are some fun snippets of things heard around my house lately. Sam: I da Monster and you da Monster-ee. RAWR! (note: if you are the monster-ee, when he rawrs, you’re supposed to act scared.) Sam: Dose tires are CLEAN! (said […]

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Nov 13 2012

Caleb’s 9th Birthday

Caleb, you are a fine young man: smart, funny, handsome, loving, and a fantastic big AND little brother. I am so proud of you in all you do and can’t wait to see the wonderful man you will become. (Just don’t grow up too fast, ‘mkay?) I love you to bits! (I know, I know…I’m […]

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Nov 12 2012

A Very Late Halloween Post

That will be mostly adorable pictures, I promise. That way, you will have to forgive its tardiness. Lest you think I’ve forgotten big brothers…(and, for the record, they are now of an age where it’s MUCH more fun – and way less lame, I’m sure – to go trick-or-treating with friends than with Dad and […]

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