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May 31 2011

The Darnedest Things

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You know that old saying, “kids say the darnedest things?” Well, it’s not just kids. Adults say some pretty funny things, too. The women in my family are known for our goofy phrases or slips of the tongue. Some that will last forever in our family are “But I’ll forget it’s a Snoopy watch by […]

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May 20 2011

Music Party

We’re having a music party in my living room, with the Zune Marketplace playing through the XBox 360. We’ve heard MC Hammer “2 Legit,” “U Can’t Touch This,” and “Have you Seen Her?” (which Caleb told us sounded “girlie”); various versions of “Somebody Farted” (yes, you read that right – you’d be surprised how many […]

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May 18 2011

More Birthday Fun

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Okay, I promise this will be the last of the posts about Sam’s birthday. . . Okay, no, I don’t promise that. But I do think that you’ll have fun checking out my adventures in cake baking/decorating over at the ever-fabulous Texas Health Resources Momblog. And, those of you who know me certainly know this […]

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May 06 2011

Party Time!

Well, it’s been nearly a week since Sam’s first birthday party, and I truly think the only reason I haven’t been flogged for not having a post up about the party is that I have at least posted some pictures on Facebook, and I’ve shared some more through Picasaweb. In short, Sam had a FABULOUS […]

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May 03 2011

A Small Person

I’ve come to accept that at times I’m a small person. I don’t mean small in stature; I mean small in the “be the bigger person” sense. I try very hard to be the bigger person when I can.¬†However, two days ago something happened that I just can’t be the bigger person about. I can’t […]

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May 03 2011

THR Momblog entry – Time Management

I promise, I promise, I’m working on a post from the birthday party festivities, and I’ve got another one that’s a little more serious rolling around in my brain. But for today, I’m sending you back on over to the Texas Health Resources Momblog for my latest contribution, Time Management. I hope you like it. […]

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