Aug 08 2011

15 Month Update

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Fun with drumsticks

Well, as you can tell from my last post, Sam has hit 15 months and had his necessary checkup. He was not the happiest of campers at the doctor. Normally he’s happy and charming until it’s time for shots. But at this appointment, he screamed at the stethoscope touching his skin and being laid down to be measured and just examined. When we got to the shots, he held his breath till he turned purple and cried and cried and cried until we had him re-dressed and were leaving the doctor’s office. Not his best appointment, charm-wise, but he’s healthy and right on track, developmentally.

He walks and runs EVERYWHERE, babbles constantly (quite a few real words, as evidenced by my last post, and new ones adding every day, but lots of non-words still, too), EATS just about anything you put on his plate (especially if he thinks it came from your plate), and loves to play and read and dance and sing and play the drums and the piano. (And, as you can see, the whole family enjoys the music and rhythm lessons.)

Sam has also recently discovered that it’s fun to climb the stairs  Today he discovered the fun of looking out the front windows in the dining room and playing with the dining room curtains. :) (Today he also learned what happens when you mess with the dog’s crate and the dog gets to you before Mommy does, but that’s a different post altogether.)

So, his official stats for 15 months: 24 pounds, 10 ounces (right at 50th percentile) 30.5″ (also about 50th percentile), perfectly healthy!

He’s officially too long for the infant bucket seat (though he’d still have 5 pounds to go on the weight limit), so it’s time to retire that seat and get another convertible seat (we’ve already got one in use).  Oh, and I’m retiring his 12-month outfits one by one as they no longer fit. 18 month clothes and up, please, from now on. He’s just getting big so fast. *sigh* I’m so thankful to be his Mommy and so, so thankful that he’s healthy and happy.

Sam, being your Mommy is the best! :)

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  1. miaon 14 Aug 2011 at 8:31 pm

    You are the best mom & Sam you are so precious!! I love hearing about everything you do! I’m so proud!!

  2. Julieon 19 Aug 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Oh, thank you, Mia! Let’s pick a weekend to meet up at your mom’s house and let the babies play and swim!

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