Aug 29 2011

Big Boy

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Every day it seems that Sam shows us something new that he’s learned. He’s getting to be a Big Boy so fast–faster than I am ready for.

Examples of Sam’s Big Boy status–

  • He willingly gives up the paci when it’s not naptime, bedtime, or other cranky times. He even uses Paci as a bargaining chip, particularly when he wants a snack.
  • Drop-offs at school are typically pretty easy. Usually Sam walks into his room and starts playing or goes to sit down for circle time (if we’re late, which we often are). Most of the time he doesn’t even bother to wave bye-bye to Mommy.
  • He’s talking so much more. He picks up new words and phrases every day – sometimes ones we wish he wouldn’t
  • He often refers to his reflection (in the tub overflow drain, in the mirror, in the dishwasher) as “Big Boy” instead of “Baby” (and yes, you can tell the difference).
  • He knows what Time Out is, where it is, and has even put himself there once!
  • When he’s ready for bed, he tells us…and has even “shooed” me out of the room when I’ve lingered too long after saying night-night.
  • He climbs the stairs.

You know the saying “be careful what you wish for,” right? Well, y’all, remind me never again to wish for or tell him to “be a big boy.” I never really mean it, and it’s the one thing he seems to listen to!

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  1. Lauraon 31 Aug 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Oh man, I wish Shelby would put herself to bed! No matter what we do she wails and fights as soon as we declare it bedtime. I keep hoping it’ll get better, but so far no dice…

  2. Julieon 08 Sep 2011 at 5:34 pm

    Laura, I’m not sure how we lucked out on this so far – Sam certainly doesn’t get that from me. To hear my mother tell it, I hated fought bedtime my entire life. I’m still waiting for him to start fighting it…I’m sure our time is coming.

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