Dec 06 2011

She’s as Bad as the Boys!

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My phone rings as I’m wasting time slaving away at work this evening…

Me: This is Julie (my standard office answer, even though I know from caller ID that it’s B)

B: hey, oh, wait, putting you on speaker while I let Sadie out (noise, general confusion sounds)

Me: ooooookay…(waits patiently)

B: Seriously, your dog just ripped a BIG one.

Me: (snickering) well, she’s been pretty gassy lately

B: No, really, she was walking into the bedroom ahead of me and “Pthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbt.” You really would have thought it was me or you or the boys!

Yes, my dog, the only other female in the house, is often as gross (even forgiving the “dog” things like licking parts she shouldn’t be able to lick) as the four boys I live with. *Sigh* And you wonder why I sometimes act a little less than ladylike?

At least she's pretty dang cute and sweet for all her stinkiness!

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