Apr 04 2012

Holy Crazy Wind, Batman!

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In case you live under a rock (or are maybe still hiding under one from yesterday), the DFW metroplex was rocked by crazy storms yesterday. I heard one DJ say something about it being the worst tornado outbreak in this area since…well, before I was born (and that was a long time ago). I can’t verify that information, but there were 18 reported sightings and officials are in the process of verifying just how many there really were.

Thankfully, so far no deaths have been attributed to these storms, and only a handful of injuries, so it could have been far worse than it was. [Note: this is not intended to downplay the injuries that did occur (at least one of which I know was quite serious, but that person is expected to make a full recovery) but only to state that we’re grateful because it could have been much, much worse.]

Because I’m no photographer (and I’m the type to be cowering in shelter, not out taking pictures), I’ll leave you with some links to pics/footage of the storms and damage, and some links for information to volunteer or help, if you feel so inclined.

Links to pictures of damages:



How/where to help:



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