Apr 22 2012

Lily’s Birthday!

All week, Sam has been excited about “Happy Bir-day, Lily.” Even after Bear’s baseball game, as he decimated his post-game cupcake, he talked about “Sun-ay” and “Sing. Happy Bir-day, Lily.” And of course, “Have cupcakes, Sun-ay.” Imagine my disappointment Saturday morning when he woke up running fever. He was pretty pitiful all day. He wanted cuddles and snuggles, which I was happy to oblige. I was ready to call Lily’s mom this morning to say we couldn’t make it today, but after a final round of tylenol at 2 am, he woke up happy and cool as a cucumber this morning. After careful watching all day, and with Sara’s okay, we went to Lily’s party today. It was a wonderful time!

Lots of play time with Lily's new toys and outside in the sandbox and on the new playset!

And some video of the playset:

One of the biggest hits of the party was the pink Neiman Marcus piano from Lily’s GrandSharon. All the kids loved it (though it took a time or two for Sam to get the hang of the bench).

He did a little better the second time:

And eventually provided lovely music for Lily to read her new books to:

After the presents and playtime and yummy burgers and hotdogs, it was time for singing Happy Birthday and eating cake! And, of course, after practicing ALL WEEK singing “Happy Bir-day, Lily” (and Sammy and Austin, depending on his mood), Sam sang not a single note. . . until after we were all done, when he wanted me to sing “Happy Bir-day.”

Singing Happy Birthday and Blowing Out Candles

Yummy cupcake! Thank you, LilySara!

And after cake, there was more playtime. Sam found his inner cowboy:

It was a wonderful birthday party. Thank you for including us in the festivities. And, of course, Happy Birthday Lily-girl! We love you!

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