Apr 23 2012

Making a Baseball and Basketball

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Cake, that is. With Sam’s second birthday just around the corner (AAAAAAACK!), I’ve started thinking about what to do for his birthday cake. I had about decided I’d do the busy-working-mom thing and order a cake from Kroger. But when I stopped by Sara’s house to drop off a Blues Clues cake pan (because she’s a good Mommy who never considered buying a cake 🙂 ), I mentioned maybe doing a sports theme for Sam’s birthday and seeing if I could find a cake that looked like a basketball or baseball. Sara offered to loan me the pans she used last year for Lily’s caterpillar cake. So, I decided to do a test run on making a baseball and basketball cake.

Here’s the box for the pans:

Wilton ball pans

Cakes baked and cooling in the pans:

Cakes cooling on the rack (I was secretly thrilled that they came out so nicely):

And yes, I purposely spaced them far apart on the cooling rack, so as to avoid any anatomy references.

Baseball cake in the works:

This one shows some icing and the strawberry glaze.

Just over half-way iced.

Completed baseball cake:

The lacing really was more red than this looks, but it was as sloppy as it looks. I

Completed basketball cake (sorry, I got too into the decorating and forgot to take “during” pics of the basketball):

Pretty nifty, huh?

Now, if you can’t tell, these cakes are pretty small, so I think we’ll probably put them on a sheet cake or have sheet cake in addition to them. But this non-bakey, non-cooky, non-crafty Momma is pretty darn proud of this test run! (And Daddy tells me they taste really good!)

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