Sep 12 2012

Yellow Bike!

It’s finally here! We’ve had the bike for not quite 24 hours, and I think he’s only been off it long enough to sleep.

First, the stills:

What's this?

My BIKE!!!


Dis MY bike.

And he's off!

Really concentrating.

Parking the bike in the office and hanging his helmet on the handlebars.

Favorite quotes: “I park my bike in the office.” “We don’t eat bikes. We ride bikes.” (this morning) “We go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.” “The big truck bring my lellow bike!” “Dis look like a motorcycle!”

Now, the videos:

BIG THANKS to Daddy for putting the bike together (with lots of “help” from Sam, I’m sure) and for taking some of those great still shots! 🙂

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