Dec 07 2012

Fear the Frog!!

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Last weekend, Mommy got some way-cool-awesome non-kiddo time. My bff Tori was in town for the weekend, and she and her dad were nice enough to offer me an extra ticket to the TCU-OU game. Bryan said, “Go, have fun.” and I did!

Now, y’all know the significance of a WHOLE football game (plus tailgating!) sans kiddos, right?

It meant I got to carry the tiny non-Mommy purse.

It meant I got to actually watch the game (and halftime, of course)!

Yes, that’s “SAM” spelled out on the field. No, it’s not for MY Sam. He’s not that famous…YET.

It meant I actually got to visit with friends who all have more members in their family now than the last time I saw them face to face. Yes, I realize how sad that is. It’s also life, my friends (thank goodness for FB and email).

It meant I got to wander through campus on the walk back to my car and see the huge campus tree and find my senior brick yet again.

It. Was. Glorious.

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