Mar 23 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap

It’s March, and we all know what that means…it’s almost Christmas! Since retailers will have Christmas gear out in another month, I thought I’d get us all in the spirit by finally recapping our Christmas. (Plus, a Christmas recap was specifically requested in a response to So Many Things, so even though it’s late, I still wanted to oblige that request.)

We had lots of brotherly love time.

Santa hats were quite popular this year.

Santa came and brought lots of gifts.

Clearly we’re all very stylish on Christmas morning.

We all opened lots of presents.

We had a plethora of presents.

And possibly the best part of all (depending on who you asked)…it snowed! Much fun was had in the snow – for a couple days!

All the boys had a blast in the snow. Especially the biggest boy.

We really had a wonderful time at the holidays this year, surrounded by the love of lots of family, which I hope happens for many, many more years to come.

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