Sep 13 2014

Sam’s Summer Vacation

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Between unpacking a new house, a new baby, and baseball times 2, we didn’t take a family vacation this year. However, Sam got to go on his first solo trip.

He hugged Dad’s neck (and Mom’s).


Loaded up in Grandpa’s new truck.


And set off for a week (yep, Monday through Saturday) of fun at Camp Grandma and Grandpa. Truthfully, I expected to get a call about 2 days later that he was homesick. In fact, I *might* have had a bag mentally packed for what I’d need to go join him on his visit (I was still on leave, remember). But I don’t think he even missed us. There was far too much fun to be had!

There was swimming to do.

picFrame (12)

There were planes to see.

picFrame (10)

There were concerts to give.

2014-08-12 14.46.51

There were toys to play.


There were penguins and sharks and other fish to see.

picFrame (11)

There were cousins to take to marching band practice.

2014-08-15 08.30.09

And there were ships to sail.

picFrame (13)

He’s already planning next summer’s trip to Camp Grandma and Grandpa!

(All photo credits to Grandma and Grandpa)

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