Dec 12 2013

A Very Rangers Birthday Party

Today’s TBT brought to you (from March) by a sadly-always-behind-Mommy.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in March, Caleb was invited to a Very Rangers Birthday Party. As in, it was AT Rangers Ballpark. ON. The. Field. Can you even IMAGINE how excited this child was? (Heck, can you even IMAGINE how cool this non-sporty-Momma thought it was?) Due to some (lucky for me) scheduling conflicts, I got to take Caleb to this party, and C  (and the birthday boy’s parents) were nice enough to let Sam tag along, too. It was just about the coolest thing ever, and the pictures show it better than I can describe it.

First they played inside on a giant playscape that had cool rope bridges and a FAST slide.

I love the center picture here, where Bear is helping Sam across for the first time. #brotherlylove

Of course there was pizza (not pictured) and a giant cookie cake (pictured, quickly before it was inhaled)


Then they went down ONTO THE FIELD. (Yes, you read that right.)
There was some playing in the outfield, including a wiffle ball game.

Sam playing in the outfield and warning track.

There was a running the bases relay.

Check out that GRIN! (And yes, his group won the relay.)

Even Sam got in on the base running action.

They checked out the Rangers’ dugout.

Just chillin’ in the dugout. No big thing.

They pretended to play catcher.

They had a fantastic time!

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Dec 08 2013

Icepocalypse 2013!

In case you haven’t heard, the DFW metroplex (and other areas of North Texas) have been pretty much encased in ice since Thursday night. School was cancelled Friday, and for the first time in probably a decade, our office actually closed. We couldn’t even work remotely, because power to the building downtown was inconsistent at best. (It’s hard to remotely connect to your computer at work when said computer keeps shutting down because  the building loses power). As pretty as it looks, it’s not so much snow as it is sleet and ice. We’ve got sleet drifts that piled up almost two feet. The kids are having fun, though. I, myself, am staying warm inside. I’ve done some sewing, some Christmas decorating, and been generally enjoying some down time. Here’s some fun for you to vicariously enjoy with us (and, bonus, you get to stay warm and dry, too!)

“Momma, why won’t it kick?”

A little view of how high the drift was by the front door (post-Bryan-clearing the walk)

Bryan starts work digging out the back door

This is why we couldn’t open our back door for a full day.

What Bryan found after digging out the back door – the bottom-most layer of ice.

Sam “helping” Daddy get to work on the back yard. The big boys came out later to really help.

It wasn’t just all work, of course… we’ve had some fun, too. :)

And the fun is continuing outside as I write this post. So far I’m mostly hearing squeals of delight, sometimes punctuated by a wail from the nap-needing toddler. Off I go to be mean mommy and make him come inside for said nap…

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Dec 08 2013

Busy Season and Work Craziness

It’s officially been over 2 months since I last posted. And believe it or not, I still have summer fun posts to write up. But for now, a quick catch up.

We’ve officially made it through busy season at work. And as if busy season isn’t bad enough, corporate dropped a pretty big bomb on us right at the start of busy season – they’re closing our Fort Worth office. Now, before you get too worried about my employment situation (because I know you all lose sleep over whether I have a job), they are moving all operations to our facility in Carrollton…40 miles from our home (and we have one of the shorter commutes post-move). But at least we still have jobs. The official reasoning is that we own the building in Carrollton and lease the space in Fort Worth, so we’ll be saving boo-Koo money in rent. The unofficial reasoning (one of many) is that the company just spent tens of millions of dollars to revamp the Carrollton space and they want to make “good use” of it.

Needless to say, this didn’t go over too well with a lot of folks, us included. And just as we were set to start looking elsewhere, my department got the word that we’d be allowed to work remotely…100% of the time. We’ve got a lot of work to do to really be ready to be 100% remote, but I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll still have to make the trek to Carrollton at times, but even once or twice a month is better than every day. (If it helps with perspective, it’s a minimum hour and half one way…) And, to make me feel even more lucky, not every department was offered this. The decision about how often a department had to be in the office was left up to a certain level of management, and was dependent on the nature of the work that needs to be done. And we’ve had some losses – a few people, including Bryan’s boss, took advantage of the severance packages they were eligible for. So the transition won’t be easy, but (and forgive me for sounding like I’m towing the company line here; believe me there’s still plenty going on that I don’t agree with) I am really looking forward to a new remote environment, and what it can mean for enhanced family time.

All this change at work has just sapped my writing energy after hours, so that’s a big part of my lapse in posting. Now that things are winding down, I should be able to get back to more fun glimpses into my life in a house full of boys. :)

Next up, some Icepocalypse 2013 fun!

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Oct 04 2013

Summer Fun – Other Beach House Fun

Boy, do I know how to drag out Summer Fun posts or what? But, since it still sorta feels like summer around here (yes, in October), it’s not so bad to still be posting about summer fun, right? Right? Also, for all my friends who got their first dusting of snow last night, maybe this will make you feel a little warmer.

Our beach vacation really had it all. There was boat time (times two, with the kayak!), beach time, pool time, and these times, also:

Popsicle Time on the Deck

Kiddie Pool Time on the Deck

Superhero Time

And, of course, some relaxation…and some wrestling!

That wraps up the summertime fun posts. . . from the beach trip. You just THOUGHT you were done with summertime posts. Hahahahahahaha – fooled you! There’s one more trip to share, and it involves mountains, bikes, hikes, and more unrivaled cuteness! Stay tuned…

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Sep 17 2013

Summer Fun – Beach Time

A summer trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s is not complete without some time in the surf.

The big boys wasted no time getting out as far as they could into the waves.

Sam was initially content to play – and direct the play – in the sand.

Eventually the whole family got in on the sand play.

(Sadly, that picture is the ONLY picture of all 5 of us from this trip.)

Then, it was time for more fun in the surf – this time with Sam, Grandma, and Aunt Ruth joining in, too!

And now, I’ve saved the best for last. No, really, this is about my favorite shot from our beach time. It’s the wallpaper on my computer at work.

Doesn’t it look like it should be in a magazine? I just love this shot of all my super-duper good-looking guys coming out of the surf. *sigh* I’m such a lucky lady.

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Sep 05 2013

Summer Fun – Fishing with Grandpa and Aunt Ruth

Part of the summer fun at the beach house this year was Jacob getting to go deep sea fishing with Grandpa, Daddy, and Aunt Ruth. (Caleb was supposed to go, too, but he woke up with an earache, so he opted to stay on dry land.) The anglers had a great day and came home with some yummy dinner!

Jacob got to drive the boat some.

Jacob’s catches – a dolphin fish and a king mackerel

Ruth’s catches – a dolphin fish and a shark

The whole haul – and Jacob holding the king for some size perspective.

**Edited to add that Daddy was also on the boat, and that the picture credits all go to Daddy, Ruth, and Grandpa.**

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Aug 28 2013

Summer Fun – Kayaking

For Christmas this year, Santa brought the Brandt family a 2-person kayak. They were nice enough to let us test it out on our trip to the beach house this summer.

In related news, we’re now in the market for a kayak ourselves. :)

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Aug 23 2013

Summer Fun – Swimming at Grandma’s

I have SO MUCH FOOTAGE of the swimming antics at Grandma’s house. Fear not, I have culled the plethora of images and footage and have picked some of my favorites. Enjoy – we sure did!

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Aug 22 2013

Summer Fun – In Easily Digestible Bites

What’s that saying about how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time, right?

We had SO much fun this summer. So much fun that I was too busy enjoying it all to do much posting. Rather than do one or two  REALLY long posts that wouldn’t do any of the activities any justice, I’m going to break it down into several easily digestible bites.

Today, you are going to enjoy baking cookies with Aunt Lynne Cookie.

First, they combined all the ingredients.

Next, the mixing commenced.

Then, the portioning out of *just* the right amount of dough onto the baking sheets.

And finally, showing off the fabulously messy hands.

I’d post pictures of the final product, but they were too yummy and we ate them all too fast.


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Aug 21 2013

Wordless Wednesday – I’m Craving Cookies

Admit it, you’re craving them now, too, aren’t you?

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